A Visit to Little Gnome Farm

We just returned from a lovely morning at Shalom's family farm in Ridgefield, Washington. Now we know why it is called Little Gnome Farm! DSC_0107 Deanna and Paul invited us out to their biodynamic farm today to take a tour, explore the barn and fields, meet the animals, and pick apples and pears for Rowanberry. It was such a treat for the children to see where Shalom lives and to meet her giant dog Sally, and Hippy, her favorite rooster. DSC_0068 DSC_0081 We saw pumpkins, squash and corn growing in the field, and got to eat cherry tomatoes right off the vine. Ahhhh...Sun Gold.   DSC_0090 DSC_0088 Thank you so much, Deanna, Shalom, and farmer Paul for inviting us to your farm and sharing your bounty with us. We are so lucky to have you in our community. Tomorrow...baked apples for snack! Little Gnome Farm is a 5 acre community supported family farm fostering healthy soils, and growing many heirloom open pollinated varieties. They use organic seeds, natural soil amendments, and Biodynamic composting preparations, and offer both summer and winter shares, canning tomato shares, and free-range eggs. http://littlegnomefarm.blogspot.com  

3 thoughts on “A Visit to Little Gnome Farm

  1. What a wonderful adventure…clearly Ora discovered an amazing school and community for our granddaughter, Bella. (Donna and Ella)

  2. Ah it makes me smile to see my sweet girl helping out with the fruit picking. What a wonderful first field trip for her to have!

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