Winter Parent Evening

Friday evening, several parents braved the chilly winter weather to come to a parent evening here at school. (Thank you!)

It was a lovely evening, and in the spirit of inclusion I wanted to offer a brief recap. We started off with a talk about social constructivism, inquiry based learning, the work being done in the schools of Reggio Emilia, Italy, and how this all informs our practice at Rowanberry School. I spoke about traditional educational approaches, and how schools that hold inquiry, social constructivism and collaboration as core values challenge that old system of thinking. To illustrate how these principles might look in action, we showed a video taken this week at school.  In the video, two children are playfully exploring materials together using the overhead projector. Their curiousity and delight was clearly enhanced by their collaboration, and the social element of sharing their experience with each other.

The parents then had the chance to sit in small groups together while exploring color mixing, an activity we have been enjoying this winter with the children.  We regrouped afterwards to discuss what we noticed and what we wondered about while working with these materials, a common practice in an inquiry-based classroom, and one familiar to us.


We then watched Sir Ken Robinson’s “Changing Education Paradigms” video, discussed it, and ended the evening with a playful light painting session.  It was so fun to explore the relationship between light and color with the parents like we have been doing with the children for the last several weeks.



We are looking forward to sharing documentation of the parents’ work with the children. I think they will be inspired by the results of our light painting experiment…I know we were!DSC_0128