We are Tinkerers, we are Designers, we are Builders.

We began our journey this year by asking ourselves the question: Who am I? Who are you?  Who are We?  And while we continue to explore these questions, and the answers will change over time, we have made a discovery. We are Tinkerers.  We are Designers.  We are Builders.

Some of us like to play around with things and see how they fit together, and how they come apart. We are thinking about how things work. We are tinkerers. Some of us are designers.  We can put our ideas down on paper and then bring those ideas to life.  Some of us love to put things together and see what can be made. We love the way things can be constructed and deconstructed, and then the parts can be used again in a different way.  We are builders. Some of us are a combination of these things, but all of us, every last one of us has abilities, and interests that relate to these concepts. As a community of learners, we have spent the last several weeks building together, using magnetiles, blocks, K’nex, cardboard boxes, cones, and anything else we can get our hands on.  What joy!

We have been thinking deeply about what to bring to the children to help them to continue and expand this exploration.  It is clear that they require time to explore, materials to use, and a space set up to support this work. With this in mind, we created a tinkering station and a construction corner where the construction magic could take place.  We introduced it to the children this week, who immediately set to work constructing spaceships, race cars, “Thingy-ma-bobbers,” airplanes, and so much more. They are excited to share their creations with their friends, and to learn about the work that others are doing. It has been the source for much collaboration and connection for the children.

After purging SCRAP, Goodwill, and our own basements for building materials, we are hoping to acquire more from all of you, the families. Anything sturdy, interesting, beautiful, unusual, or useful that you have laying around could be just the thing someone needs for their project. We are thinking spools, tubes, gutters, piping, empty containers…but you’ll know it when you see it.  Surprise us!

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  1. Cool! I love this idea. Looks like a lot of excitement and creative energy going on. We will scour the garage for some interesting bits to add to the fun.

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