Community Education

Seeing and (pre)Serving Children’s Agency and Our Own


 with Sydney Gurewitz Clemens and Marie Catrett

 June 13, 2018: 6:30-8:30 pm

Helen Gordon Child Development Center

1609 SW 12th Ave, Portland, OR 97201

 $20 at the door

(no one turned away for lack of funds)

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Marie teaches young children in her home.

Sydney teaches early childhood people in her home.

Co-presenter Marie Catrett has been documenting children’s learning for the past six years, mentored by Sydney, and we look forward to sharing what this process has come to mean in our continued quest to better see and understand children to best preserve and emphasize each child’s sense of agency. We have thoughts about how others can begin to document children to reflect and grow their own teaching practice.

We are excited about Agency.  It makes a huge difference in what happens in early childhood programs, and in the world. Agency is, by one definition, the capacity, condition, or state of acting or of exerting power  

Children have agency at birth…we can see it when we look closely, or even not so closely.

Marie and Sydney will talk about how we have seen children lose their agency, and how we try hard to learn to preserve it. 

We will talk about adult agency, and how it takes away their gifts from teachers, too.  

We will discuss this with you, bringing some documentation and listening for participant experience.

Sydney Gurewitz Clemens, an early childhood teacher for more than thirty years, is a widely recognized author and presenter on topics which involve hot cognition: children learning through things they are passionate about. These topics can be from the happy parts of life: early literacy, creativity, and many aspects of the work being done in Reggio Emilia, but they can also be from life’s painful parts, including divorce, death & dying, and parents in prison. Her three books, Pay Attention to the Children: Lessons for Teachers and Parents from Sylvia Ashton-WarnerThe Sun’s Not Broken, A Cloud’s Just in the Way: On Child-Centered Teaching, and Seeing Young Children with New Eyes—What We’ve Learned From Reggio Emilia About Children and Ourselves are inspiring, practical, informative and a pleasure to read.