Daily Rhythm

Rowan's crocus drawing Rowan's crocus drawing

Daily Rhythm

9:00 – Good Morning!

Children arrive, say goodbye to parents, and enter the classroom to greet their friends and teachers.

 9:10 –  Circle Time

We gather together to greet one another and share stories, songs, and games.

“Good morning dear earth, good morning dear sun
Good morning dear stones, and the flowers every one
Good morning dear beasts, and the birds in the trees
Good morning to you, and good morning to me.”

9:30 – Explore

Children explore the classroom offerings at their own pace. Clay, paint, block building, observational drawing are often available. Seasonal activities such as baking, sewing and weaving are also offered during Explore.

10:30 – Snack time

A healthy, wholesome snack made with organic ingredients is served family style. Snacks will be served with warm tea. Please let me know if your child has any food sensitivities or special needs.

11:00 – Outside play

Children play in the play yard and garden, dig in the sandbox, build with our outdoor construction set, play in the mud kitchen, or go on a walk rain or shine. Please bring weather appropriate clothing so that your child may experience each season comfortably.

11:30 Class meeting

We come together for group inquiry and discussion which is often connected to our work in studio time.

11:45-12:15 – Studio time / Story Studio

Studio time is the heart of our program, where we deepen our understanding and extend our thinking in ongoing inquiries.

Story Studio is a convention  that we have developed over time at Rowanberry, in which children to dream up, work out, illustrate, perform, discuss, and revise their stories with their community of writers.

12:20 – Lunch

“For trees so tall, and sky so blue
For friends and food we thank you!
Blessings on our meal.”

12:50 – Closing Ring

We sing songs and tell stories to close the day.

1:00 – Goodbye

Children greet their parents and say goodbye to their friends.

“Once children are helped to perceive themselves as authors or inventors, Once they are helped to discover the pleasure of inquiry, their motivation and interest explode.”  -Loris Malaguzzi, founder of the Reggio Emilia Municipal Infant-Toddler Centers and Preschools.


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