Maker Camp 2018

The summer program at Rowanberry School was designed to provide an unhurried, child-centered alternative to traditional children’s summer camps. The daily rhythm will include circle games and songs, time for inventing, messing about, and play in the garden and treehouse. A wholesome organic snack will be served daily. Children will have the opportunity to share their work at the end of camp. 

Why “Maker Camp”? Because the work we are doing can not be classified as strictly art. It does include traditional arts and crafts, but also has a strong design element.

SESSION 1: July 16TH-July 20TH   
ExpeRimental filmmaking

How can we use film to bring stories to life? 

For this camp, children will use stop motion animation, time lapse photography, slow motion video, and more to bring their stories to life.  We will work collaboratively to create a variety of short films to be shared with family and friends at the end of the week.

Maker camp is Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. Best suited for children ages 3 and up. (Alumni ALWAYS welcome!)
Camp tuition is $275. – $100 deposit to enroll your child.
For more information, please contact Angela Molloy Murphy at              

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